Gabriela  Azoulay


The  voice  of  Love

Song-Designer and singer with an international songrepertoire

Song-Design - one of my two biggest passions. Creating songs for touching your soul; with your favorite melody and lyrics written by me.

You only have to provide the words you wish to hear in your song. The creation of your individual song is possible in all genres. 
Even though singing is my greatest passion, I love  performing French Chansons, but as well all old and new Rock-Pop-Songs.  

Your Song

The individual present for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings or other Celebrations.


Get your unique present for the person you want to surprise.

YOUR SONG - Sweet Memories, to which you always can listen to!

I create and compose your very own personal and unique song. Combining your favorite melody and lyrics, I will produce a song which describes your life and your story !


After receiving your own-written lyrics, I will provide you the completed song.


Under the point "Wedding and Anniversary Gift Ideas" you will find further information!

Your Song - personal audition

1. My surprise: personal audition on your party, when I sing YOUR SONG  (see photograph, where the concerned person is singing with me!)


 2. Musical design of your event for 1 or 2 hours and singing songs  according to your taste, incl. reciting YOUR SONG as a surprise!

For both options, I will provide you the completed song.


Available languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Hebrew.

Your Song - Wedding

"Behind every wedding are unique personalities, unforgettable moments and a unique love story that is worth to be told."

A special surprise for bride and groom on their special day!
All I need is the couple's favourite song and some details of their lovestory.
Then I create a personalized song for their wedding day - a unique gift, that they will keep in their minds - forever! 

Text in English

The Language of Love carries always a special melody inside!

Die Sprache des Herzens trägt immer eine besondere Melodie in sich!



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